Congress Goes Home For Break — They Need to Hear Why Tax Reform Needs to Get Done

It’s August already – can you believe it?  As they do every year in August, members of Congress head back to their hometowns for a long break.  Usually during this time, it is a chance for constituents to tell their representatives face-to-face what Congress should get done when they return to Washington.  This year, we’re telling them they must make tax reform a priority –which is a surefire way to grow the economy, create jobs, and increase Americans’ take-home pay.

We’re encouraged that Congress and the White House seem to be pivoting their focus to tax reform.  Last month, administration officials, Congressional Republican leaders, and chairmen of the tax-writing committees released a joint statement, pledging action on tax reform legislation this fall that will set fair business rates, simplify the code and close loopholes.

While there’s momentum on tax reform, there’s still plenty of work to do. Congress first must pass their 2018 budget in order to pave the way for them to write tax reform legislation and get it passed. Those are big to-dos before the end of the year!

When Congress returns to Washington in the fall, they need to make it a priority to first pass the budget and then write tax reform legislation and get it passed before the end of the year. Tax reform is the one thing that will help small businesses grow, invest and compete, and put more money back into American families’ pockets.

We hope this month that taxpayers and small businesses make sure their representatives and senators are hearing from them about why Congress must pass a budget and get to work on tax reform now.  Find out where your representative and senator will be! Don’t forget, according to a Tax Foundation study, tax reform could put up to $5,000 back families’ pockets across America.

You can read more on tax reform from advocates across the country in The Des Moines Register, The Columbus Dispatch, and Daily Progress.