Washington Lawmakers Look to Gear Up for Tax Reform

Washington’s lawmakers have a lot on their to-do list as summer ticks away, as it always seems to do…but we’re encouraged that this month Congress seems ready to pivot their efforts toward tax reform.

The White House and Congressional leaders seem steadfast on getting tax reform done this year.  This month, the congressional tax-writing committee held more hearings with small business owners, and just this week, the so-called “Big Six” that include tax reform leaders in the White House and in Congress, released a joint statement, pledging action on tax reform legislation this fall that will set fair business rates and simplify the code.

Read the statement here.

Yes, the “time has arrived” for tax reform, the one thing that will help small businesses grow, invest and compete, and put more money back into American families’ pockets.

It will be critical now for Congress and the administration to get the legislation drafted, keep it on the path to passage and not let distractions or nay-sayers derail it!