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Biden Chooses Kamala Harris as VP – What does this mean for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act?

Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, has chosen California Senator, Kamala Harris, as his running mate. Despite the fact that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act benefited 9 out of 10 Americans, Harris is critical of the policy, and has expressed strong support of its repeal. The results of her action would affect the […]

Businesses continue to grow as U.S. companies bring in over $1 trillion since TCJA

Thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017, American businesses have repatriated over $1.04 trillion since its passage. The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released the 2019 third-quarter account deficit report, which stated that repatriation numbers narrowed by $1.1 billion (0.9 percent), bringing the deficit to $124.1 billion. The second quarter deficit […]

ICYMI: Strong U.S. Economy to Start the New Decade

The economy is starting the decade strong with a sturdy foundation due to low unemployment and interest rates. The U.S. added 145,000 new jobs in December, capping off the ninth straight year where the economy created more than 2 million jobs. New hiring over the last decade has pushed the unemployment rate down to 3.5%, […]

Thanks to the TCJA, Unemployment is at a 50 Year Low Yet Again!

Many people said it wouldn’t happen. They said we were heading into a downturn or recession. They don’t believe in an economy fueled by tax cuts. But they were, and continue to be wrong and the November employment numbers prove it! November saw 266,000 new jobs in the United States after experts best guess was […]

Case Study: The Positive Effects of the TCJA in Mississippi

In the last two years, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has helped people all over the country. From raising wages, increasing employment and putting more money in the pockets of Americans, the TCJA has had lasting impacts. To look in more detail at these benefits we turn to Mississippians who have seen the TCJA […]

Off the Back of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, US Employers Added More Jobs in October

In another win for Tax Policy and the TCJA, The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 128,000 jobs were added to the US economy in October. These incredible figures surpassed all expectations and silenced those who have speculated that the US is headed for a down turn. With more money in their pockets companies are […]

More Good News for Middle Class Incomes and the TCJA

The latest Census Bureau Current Population Survey data now show that middle-class incomes, after adjusting for inflation, have surged by $5,003 since 2017. Median household income has now reached $65,976 – an all-time high and up more than 8% in 2019 dollars. These numbers contrast sharply with the 16 years prior to 2017 in a period […]