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House Ways and Means Acknowledges Fix Needed for U.S. Tax Code

The tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee issued an update last week regarding their tax accomplishments over the past six months and their future plans for Congressional action. “The American tax code is long overdue for comprehensive reform, and cleaning up the system is up to Ways and Means,” the statement says. “So, for many […]

Americans Counting on Presidential Candidates to Lead on Tax Reform

With almost twenty candidates expected to enter the Presidential race, contenders will be engaging Americans around the topics most important to them. From what one recent poll has shown—that topic is comprehensive tax reform. A recent Morning Consult poll reported that 77% of voters said tax reform should be a priority for Congress and President […]

Congress at Odds over Highway Trust Fund Fix

A short term extension of the Highway Trust Fund has been agreed to 33 different times and on the eve of the fund running out of money America is left to wonder if they will be stuck with temporary fix number thrifty-four. Some members of Congress are seeking a long-term solution, but others are promoting […]

TPA Passed—Now Let’s Give Thanks Where It Is Due

United States Congressional leaders are not normally known for reaching across the aisle. But around the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation passed last week in the House and this week in the Senate, Americans saw immense leadership from their elected officials, no matter their party affiliation. Now, it is important to thank the 47 Republicans […]

Highway Trust Fund Proposal Only a Temporary Fix

Today, the House Ways and Means Committee held a hearing on the long-term financing of the Highway Trust Fund to explore future long-term solutions to eliminate the shortfalls the fund is currently experiencing. America’s roads, bridges, and highways are in need of repair. But the current Highway Trust Fund system that pays for these repairs […]


Tax Reform: One Slap Does Not A Battle Make

It was no surprise that many of the president’s tax proposals during SOTU were met with push back, what was surprising was the fact that some reporters were quick to speculate that this meant the tax reform battle is over. His proposed elimination of the tax-free nature of educational 529 accounts – hit with stinging criticism from […]

Knock, Knock: Opportunity Is Calling

Opportunity is knocking. Why are we arguing over who will answer it? Customers around the world are buying American products and services. We see the demand, and it is growing. The U.S. International Trade Administration, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, said: “In 2012, 46 percent of U.S. goods exports went to FTA [Free […]