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Trade Negotiators Drive the Conversation Forward on TPP Auto Talks

This week, trade negotiators from Japan, Canada, and Mexico have returned to their respective capitals to think over the progress made from their visits to Washington regarding current state of affairs of the automobile component of the TPP. As of now, the U.S., Japan, Canada, and Mexico are continue to work towards an agreement on […]

Autumn to Bring Tax Talks in Washington

Tax day is months away, but as the seasons change, fall will be filled with talk of tax policy on Capitol Hill. With Congress back in Washington this week, Forbes contributor Howard Gleckman weighed in on five of the major upcoming stories surrounding taxes that will likely unfold this fall. Notably, Gleckman shed light on […]

Recess Is Up: Time For Congress to Get Back to Work on Tax Reform

As the month of August comes to a close, parents across the southeast have enjoyed doing their back-to-school shopping, in some cases making a cross-border trip to any of the 18 states where sales tax holidays are observed. As a result, the states that don’t observe sales tax holidays are concerned over losing economic activity […]

Presidential Candidate Touts 2017 Tax Reform

Last Thursday Senator Marco Rubio (R –FL), one of the contenders in the largest field of potential Republican presidential candidates in history, spoke at the Detroit Economic Club unveiling his new economic plan while addressing the importance of making tax reform a reality in 2016. Rubio stated to a packed room of 300 local business […]

The Last Major Tax Reform: Happenings of 1986

It’s been a while since the last major U.S. tax code overhaul—twenty nine years to be exact. Let’s take a look back at the happenings of 1986, the same year President Reagan enacted his second major tax cut—The Tax Reform Act of 1986. In 1986….. Harry Reid was elected to the Senate for the first […]

On this Day 34 Years Ago: President Reagan’s Economic Tax Recovery Act of 1981

On this day 34 years ago, President Ronald Reagan signed the Economic Tax Recovery Act of 1981, the largest tax cut in American history. For President Reagan, raising taxes meant that Washington knew how to best spend the people’s money. That is why he did the opposite. President Reagan was keen on the idea that […]

Tax Reform: A Hot Topic at the GOP Debate

Twenty four million Americans tuned in last Thursday to watch the top ten polling 2016 presidential candidates describe and defend their positions on hot topics and reforms they would seek to enact as president. As expected, tax was on the minds of many of the top contenders. Over the course of the two hour debate, […]