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Tax Inversions Are A Whopper Of A Problem, So Why Doesn’t Congress Act?

Have it your way; a more competitive corporate tax rate leads to a more prosperous America.

Burger King Latest Among US Companies Moving Abroad For Tax Incentives

This time it’s just over the border

U.S. Needs Strong Dose of Pro-growth Policies to Spur Entrepreneurism and Economic Growth

Pro-growth policies are critical to reversing the trend that’s hurting the U.S. economy.

Tax Reform Won’t Just Keep Big Companies In America; It Will Strengthen Small Business Too!

A recent Herald News article points out what Main Street has said all along, the best way to fix the problem of tax inversions, is to fix the tax code itself! Inversions are a problem for big business and the government, but an inefficient tax code affects all businesses, big and small.   By combating an […]

GOP Can Become Party of Grow Instead of No

Facing Senate Majority Prospects, Some Senators Indicate Change Is On The Horizon

Pro-Trade is Pro-Growth

Small business owners feel slightly more optimistic, but need more customers to thrive and grow, poll results show. Open trade will open the door to more potential customers.

Get at The Cause, Not Symptoms

The recent spate of “tax inversions” is a symptom of a much bigger issue. It’s time to focus on the underlying problem – our tax code.