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June 24 GOP Primary Recap – Part 1

On June 24 Republican voters in Colorado, Florida, and Mississippi cast ballots for pro-growth candidates – a development that shows voters want to end gridlock in Washington. Here is a brief look at the race results from Tuesday evening. Tuesday night’s headliner was Mississippi’s Runoff Election between incumbent Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS) and state Senator […]

Mayors Call for Immigration Reform

Not a Democrat or Republican Issue, but an American one.

A Changing Electorate, and A Growing Economy

In a recent article in the Dallas Morning News former canvasser Maria Amaro cautions Congress on immigration reform inaction. Without comprehensive reform, a changing electorate, overwhelmingly growing more Hispanic, could threaten the seats of many lawmakers in the years to come.   Immigrants to the US not only hold political power, but economic power as […]

Introducing the MSGOC National Advisory Board

The MSGOC has a diverse national advisory board of business owners and community leaders from across the country. Get familiar with some of them by watching these new videos from:   Ruben Barrales President, Latino Leadership & Policy Forum   Julio Fuentes President, Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce   And   Cordia Harrington CEO & […]

ICYMI: South Carolina and Maine Held GOP Primaries, Too

As we have noted elsewhere on this blog , Virginia made news with the stunning upset of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.  But that wasn’t the only news out of Tuesday’s primaries. Voters in South Carolina and Maine chose to support candidates of Grow and urged Washington to end political paralysis. South Carolina Republicans again put […]

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After Cantor Defeat, Growth Agenda Still Needed


The Senate may be getting serious about tax reform. The Senate Finance Committee, chaired by Sen. Ron Wyden, recently announced that the panel has scheduled a series of hearings to discuss overhauling our nation’s broken tax code. “When it comes to tax policy, comprehensive tax reform is our ultimate objective, and we are committed to using these […]