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Poll Shows Widespread Economic Pessimisim – Another Reason To Support Growth Agenda

Economic Anxiety, Congressional and Presidential Disapproval, and Fewer Opportunities Seen for the Next Generation of Americans

Blame Shifts To Economic Sectors, Why Not Government Inaction?

A recent New York Times article asks the question many Americans have been thinking since the recession in 2008. What would the country look like if the economy were fully healthy, and how is our current economy different than that ideal? The article examines a lack of growth in housing investment, government spending, business equipment […]

Pro Growth Policies Needed – Despite Better Economic Stats

The new economic indicators of strong second quarter growth should not be cause for premature celebration. As the New York Times noted, although the current annualized growth rate of 2.4% would “be just fine in normal times, when the economy is humming along with full employment. But it’s disappointing given that the economy still appears […]

Economic Confidence Continues to Fall

A Recent Gallup Poll Indicates a six Point Drop in America’s Attitude Toward Recovery

High Taxes Contributing to Slow Recovery

Wage and Unemployment Numbers Indicate Greater Problems Brewing

Slow Economic Recovery Hurts Families Too

Birth Rate at Historic Low – Economy Deters New Families

U.S. Economy Still Stalled, Surveys Say

Gloomy Stats Point to Need for Pro-Growth Policies