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GOP Can Become Party of Grow Instead of No

Facing Senate Majority Prospects, Some Senators Indicate Change Is On The Horizon

Pro-Trade is Pro-Growth

Small business owners feel slightly more optimistic, but need more customers to thrive and grow, poll results show. Open trade will open the door to more potential customers.

Get at The Cause, Not Symptoms

The recent spate of “tax inversions” is a symptom of a much bigger issue. It’s time to focus on the underlying problem – our tax code.

Open Trade Opens Opportunity

Canada and the European Union recently announced their plans for a free trade agreement, while U.S. drags its feet.

Widespread Pessimism Poll Pt. 3

Wrapping up the Main Street analysis of a recent WSJ/NBC Poll showing widespread economic frustration, we see that most Americans continue to report “feeling some impact from the recession” – and they blame both the President and Congress.

Widespread Pessimism Poll Pt. 2

Yesterday Main Street covered a recent poll evidencing widespread discontent with the President, Congress, and the Economy. But just who exactly make up these discontented people? “This widespread discontent is evident among just about every segment of the population. Fifty-seven percent of those polled said that something upset them enough to carry a protest sign […]

Poll Shows Widespread Economic Pessimisim – Another Reason To Support Growth Agenda

Economic Anxiety, Congressional and Presidential Disapproval, and Fewer Opportunities Seen for the Next Generation of Americans