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Tax Reform is Helping Workers, Middle Class Families—How Much Will You Save?

Recently, the Tax Foundation—a non-partisan tax policy non-profit—announced the release of a “tax calculator” to help people figure out how much the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which was passed and signed into law last December, will “affect taxpayers in scenarios similar to their own.” This is a fantastic tool—and an even better idea. […]

Companies Putting Money Back Into The Economy—Thanks to Tax Reform!

Since Congress passed and President Trump signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last year, the good news for working people and families just keeps rolling in. Not only are middle-class households getting a tax cut (which they are already seeing in their paychecks), many are also getting raises, bonuses, and increased benefits […]

The More We Learn About Tax Reform (and Feel Its Impacts), the More We Like It

Since November, the American Action Network (AAN) has been tracking what Americans think about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—the massive pro-growth tax reform law passed by Congress late last year. In 2018, AAN has also been conducting surveys to see what the impacts of the new law are in 60 districts across the nation. […]

Study Shows 80 Percent of Households to See Tax Cut in 2018

Thanks to tax reform, American’s can expect to see thousands of new jobs created and tremendous wage growth. Average Americans and small-business owners alike can spend their hard-earned money as they please and start saving accounts for their future, their business’ future, and their family’s future. According to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center (TPC), middle-income […]

Apple to Infuse Billions Back into U.S. Economy Thanks to Tax Reform

This month, Apple announced plans to pay a repatriation tax of $38 billion on its overseas cash holdings, as well as invest $30 billion in capital spending in the U.S. over five years that would create more than 20,000 jobs. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said that the company directly relates this decision to the tax […]

New Year, New Tax Code, New Benefits

It’s only been a few weeks since Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, but businesses of all sizes have wasted no time to announce their plans to create jobs, raise wages, give out employee bonuses, and invest back into the economy.  Americans got their tax reform Christmas present, and it’s a present that […]

Trump Signs Tax Bill

Today, President Donald Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law, successfully providing relief to businesses and individuals Americans across the country! The tax bill will now take effect and make American businesses competitive again, create jobs, raise wages, and put real money back into families’ pockets. As House Ways and Means Committee […]