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Where’s Tax Reform When You Need It?

It is past time for proper tax reform in this country – everyone agrees on that. However, Congress is still struggling to deliver on legislation or a timeline to support their proposal. Most recently, Representative Peter Roskam (R-IL) announced that the House Ways and Means Committee will be holding yet another hearing on Thursday, July […]

Tax Reform is Red, White, and Blue

Get your BBQ’s and sparklers ready – the Fourth of July holiday is here! Along with hot dogs and hamburgers, American taxpayers and businesses need a big serving of tax reform this summer. Last week, House Speaker Paul Ryan delivered his first major speech on tax reform in Washington, D.C. Throughout the speech, he promised […]

Speaker Ryan’s Speaks to Revive Tax Reform, But Can Congress “Get This Done in 2017”?

Yesterday, U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan delivered his first major speech on tax reform at the National Association of Manufacturers 2017 Manufacturing Summit in Washington, D.C.  Folks could speculate that the speech comes at a time when tax reform has lost momentum on Capitol Hill and has lost the attention of the White House, so […]

Congress, Buckle Down and Get to Work On Tax Reform

It may be hard for Congress not to get distracted by the controversies in Washington, but if the Republicans don’t buckle down and focus on tax reform, they may no longer hold the majority in 2018 to further their agenda.  This would be a monumental and historic waste of the control handed to them by […]

Congress Started Talking Tax Reform, But the Clock is Ticking to Get It Done…

This month, two Congressional Committees – the House Ways and Means Committee (the tax-writing committee) and the Senate Finance Committee — held hearings on tax reform with testimony from Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX-8) started off their hearing stating, “Today, our Committee is focused on a top priority for […]

Tax Reform… It’s Here but Not Yet Clear

On April 26, the White House released a broad outline of Trump’s tax reform. After weeks of media coverage and expectations for the plan, the American public was provided with a one-page hand-out from the White House detailing President Trump’s vision for reform. For individuals, Trump’s proposal calls for lowering the number of tax brackets […]

Time to Move on to Comprehensive Tax Reform

President Donald Trump and GOP leadership were dealt a significant setback to their legislative agenda with the failure of the American Health Care Act (AHCA). While it is important for the new administration to see where things went wrong, Republicans cannot afford to linger on this loss and must push forward to fulfill the promises […]