The More We Learn About Tax Reform (and Feel Its Impacts), the More We Like It

Since November, the American Action Network (AAN) has been tracking what Americans think about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—the massive pro-growth tax reform law passed by Congress late last year. In 2018, AAN has also been conducting surveys to see what the impacts of the new law are in 60 districts across the nation.

It sure seems like the more that people know about and experience the law’s positive impacts, the more they like it (and the more politically supportive they are of those who promoted and passed it).

Last month, AAN released the latest of these tracking polls, noting correctly that when it comes to politics and the mid-term elections this November, the “single most important issue this year is whether middle-class families believe that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is lowering their taxes.”

In January, AAN’s tracking wasn’t very encouraging on this front. At that time, “more Americans thought the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would raise their taxes.” But between January and February, “Americans across the country have learned more about the tax cuts,” and there were “major changes” of opinion “even in states like New York and California, where the bill [previously] received the most negative coverage.”

These findings are “similar to recently released public polling,” which has also shown “swings in favor of the tax bill” across the nation, which “are directly responsible for the improved standing of the Republican party.”

It’s little wonder that middle-class families and others approve of our new pro-growth tax code. Already, hardworking people are seeing more money in their paychecks as their taxes go down (and, in many cases, from big bonuses from employers that are a direct result of tax reform). And they are benefitting from an economy growing at a robust clip, massive job creation, and meaningful wage growth.

Tax reform is working—not just for Wall Street and Big Business, but also for Main Street small businesses and working people. Cutting taxes and simplifying the tax code for both businesses and individuals was the right way to get the economy back to real, lasting growth.

After 30 years of competing and living with an onerous tax system weighing them down, all Americans are now facing a future with more confidence.

Tax Reform Vote Next Week

Congress is days away from approving legislation that will reform the tax code for the first time in 31 years. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is historic tax reform legislation that doubles the standard deduction for middle-class families, creates jobs, and closes loopholes so everyone pays their fair share. This momentous occasion will cut taxes for small businesses and middle class individuals alike, as well as lead our country to economic success!

It is now crunch time to get tax cuts & money back in your pocket!

Business owners have to tell their Representatives and Senators to vote “Yes” on the final bill and get this passed before Christmas!

Tax reform is the one thing that will help small businesses grow, invest and compete, and put more money back into American families’ pockets.

In fact, John Dunham & Associates just recently released a study showing exactly how positive an impact the tax reform bill will have on states across the nation.

For example, Maine alone can expect to see an estimated 14,189 new jobs and a 1.4% wage growth spanning the state in 2018. Coupled with middle class taxes being cut by 10.2%, the benefits coming to America are impossible to ignore.

Or, to analyze another state, Pennsylvania is expected to see an estimated 179,142 new jobs and 1.7% wage growth in 2018. In addition, middle class taxes are expected to be reduced by 11%!

Small-business owners need to share with Congress how necessary tax reform is to help reinvigorate business growth across the nation and how tax reform will positively impact businesses by creating jobs, cutting back on time dedicated to compliance, and allowing owners the ability to reinvest in their business and the surrounding community!

You can read more from advocates across the country in Real Clear Politics, The Journal Tribune, and The Winchester Star.


Senate Passes Tax Reform Bill! Congress One Step Closer to Delivering Economic Gift to Americans by the Holidays

Late Friday evening, the U.S. Senate passed their tax reform bill – getting Congress another step closer to delivering pro-growth tax reform before the end of the year that is sure to boost the economy, create jobs, and benefit small businesses and families.

While Congress is one step closer to delivering a big holiday gift to Americans, they’re not at the finish line yet.  They still have a lot of work ahead of them as they convene what is called a conference committee, select Congressional members who will hash out differences, and finalize a tax reform bill to send to the U.S. House and Senate for one last vote.

The clock is ticking…

That is what a group of small business owners told Congress last week on Capitol Hill.  The day before the big vote, small business owners from across the country joined Small Business Administration Administrator Linda McMahon, the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council, and several senators, at a press conference on Capitol Hill to urge Senators to pass the tax bill in order to allow small business to grow, create jobs, and boost local economies.

Alan Keck of Somerset Recycling in Somerset, KY, said during the press conference, “The tax simplification in this reform is what excites me because every hour I don’t have to waste dealing with that is an hour at home with my daughters, is an hour at church serving in my youth group, perhaps for many of you it’s an hour on a La-Z-Boy reading a book that you care about. But we spend billions of dollars…dealing with this compliance issue and it’s wasteful, it’s silly.”

As Alan states, for many small business owners, tax reform is about more than just cuts—it’s about the sheer amount of time spent complying with the currently over-complicated code, and it’s about investing back into their community.

We’re encouraged that the Senate passed their bill, and now we’re telling Congress to keep their eye on the finish line to send the bill to the president’s desk before the end of the year. — They must pass tax reform now!

Don’t forget – the proposed tax cuts will save the average family $2,600 per year and help American businesses compete against foreign competitors, create jobs, and boost wages again.  That’s real money to pay for rent, electric bills, groceries, and holiday gifts for the family!

You can read more about tax reform from advocates across the country in The Indy Star,, and The Billings Gazette.

Pass Tax Reform Through the House of Representatives – CHECK!

Yesterday was a historic day for tax reform. For the first time in 31 years, there was not only the first legislative movement on tax reform, but the first affirmative vote to pass the bill out of the House of Representatives.

The coalition members at Main Street Growth and Opportunity applaud the House of Representatives for coming together and passing their long-awaited tax reform bill—the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R.1).  The bill lowers business tax rates, makes filing taxes easy and simple, doubles the standard deduction for middle class families, and closes special-interest loopholes so that everyone pays their fair share.

The bill’s passage is a huge step toward pro-growth tax reform – but this vote is just one step down the path. The Senate is planning their vote for Thursday, November 30. We need you to make your voices heard, and push for tax reform now. Remember, after the Senate vote – Congress needs to come together again to push it through Conference and get a bill to the President’s desk before the end of the year.

As Congress is getting to work on this critical pro-growth legislation, we’re telling Congress to support American workers and businesses and pass tax reform now! Join in on the conversation using #taxreformnow and #TCJA.

You can read more on tax reform from advocates across the country in: The Oklahoman and The Statesman Journal.

Congress Goes Home For Break — They Need to Hear Why Tax Reform Needs to Get Done

It’s August already – can you believe it?  As they do every year in August, members of Congress head back to their hometowns for a long break.  Usually during this time, it is a chance for constituents to tell their representatives face-to-face what Congress should get done when they return to Washington.  This year, we’re telling them they must make tax reform a priority –which is a surefire way to grow the economy, create jobs, and increase Americans’ take-home pay.

We’re encouraged that Congress and the White House seem to be pivoting their focus to tax reform.  Last month, administration officials, Congressional Republican leaders, and chairmen of the tax-writing committees released a joint statement, pledging action on tax reform legislation this fall that will set fair business rates, simplify the code and close loopholes.

While there’s momentum on tax reform, there’s still plenty of work to do. Congress first must pass their 2018 budget in order to pave the way for them to write tax reform legislation and get it passed. Those are big to-dos before the end of the year!

When Congress returns to Washington in the fall, they need to make it a priority to first pass the budget and then write tax reform legislation and get it passed before the end of the year. Tax reform is the one thing that will help small businesses grow, invest and compete, and put more money back into American families’ pockets.

We hope this month that taxpayers and small businesses make sure their representatives and senators are hearing from them about why Congress must pass a budget and get to work on tax reform now.  Find out where your representative and senator will be! Don’t forget, according to a Tax Foundation study, tax reform could put up to $5,000 back families’ pockets across America.

You can read more on tax reform from advocates across the country in The Des Moines Register, The Columbus Dispatch, and Daily Progress.