The Correlation is Clear: Lower Tax States Continue to Create Jobs

The TCJA has lifted burdens for all people and created jobs all over the nation. This has been most apparent in states that aligned with the TCJA policies and have lower taxes overall.

According to employment numbers released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 27 states with the lightest tax burden on individuals, continued to add jobs at double the rate of the 23 states with higher taxes since December 2017 when the TCJA went into effect.

From December 2017 through September 2019, the 27 low-tax states grew their private sector payrolls by 3.90%. In the 23 high-tax states growth was only 1.86%. Moreover, those low-tax states had a 109% advantage in the rate of private sector job growth over high-tax states.

So while it is clear that the TCJA continues to help people lead better lives all over the nation, it is important to recognize where it has had the greatest impact and work to bring everyone to these amazing levels of growth and employment!


Tax Reform Vote Next Week

Congress is days away from approving legislation that will reform the tax code for the first time in 31 years. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is historic tax reform legislation that doubles the standard deduction for middle-class families, creates jobs, and closes loopholes so everyone pays their fair share. This momentous occasion will cut taxes for small businesses and middle class individuals alike, as well as lead our country to economic success!

It is now crunch time to get tax cuts & money back in your pocket!

Business owners have to tell their Representatives and Senators to vote “Yes” on the final bill and get this passed before Christmas!

Tax reform is the one thing that will help small businesses grow, invest and compete, and put more money back into American families’ pockets.

In fact, John Dunham & Associates just recently released a study showing exactly how positive an impact the tax reform bill will have on states across the nation.

For example, Maine alone can expect to see an estimated 14,189 new jobs and a 1.4% wage growth spanning the state in 2018. Coupled with middle class taxes being cut by 10.2%, the benefits coming to America are impossible to ignore.

Or, to analyze another state, Pennsylvania is expected to see an estimated 179,142 new jobs and 1.7% wage growth in 2018. In addition, middle class taxes are expected to be reduced by 11%!

Small-business owners need to share with Congress how necessary tax reform is to help reinvigorate business growth across the nation and how tax reform will positively impact businesses by creating jobs, cutting back on time dedicated to compliance, and allowing owners the ability to reinvest in their business and the surrounding community!

You can read more from advocates across the country in Real Clear Politics, The Journal Tribune, and The Winchester Star.