House GOP’s Tax Bill is a Big Win for American Small Business and Workers  

tax reform

This the pro-growth tax overhaul that we’ve waited over 30 years for, and is just what’s needed to boost American businesses, the economy and wages for American workers.

Many economists and economic policy organizations have expressed their kudos for the bill, including Stephen Moore, economic advisor, and Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network, who recently penned an opinion editorial, “Trump hands American small businesses and workers a win.”

Moore and Ortiz home in on the tax plan’s benefits to Main Street America, “We believe the small business employers who hire well over half of American workers are big winners here…Anything that benefits small businesses by allowing them to succeed and expand is unquestionably good news for American workers.”

Moore and Ortiz point out the provisions in the bill designed to help small businesses, including lowering the individual rates, doubling the standard deduction, immediate tax write-offs for their capital investment expenses, and that businesses will be able to fully deduct interest expenses.

We agree with Moore and Ortiz that this bill will make the tax system one of the most competitive in the world “where businesses can expand, hire, and raise wages.”