When Washington governs by crisis, threatening to shut down the government or default on the debt, Main Street America pays the price. The Main Street Growth & Opportunity Coalition believes it time to end fiscally irresponsible gamesmanship, and instead get back to work on advancing core public policies conducive to economic growth: Congress is missing the opportunity to enact policies that will get Main Street America growing again. An overly complex tax code, irresponsible approach to our fiscal problems, lack of action on trade, and a broken immigration system hold back small business and its job-creating potential. The Main Street Growth & Opportunity Coalition stands for:

  • Tax Reform that fixes an overly complex tax code will promote fairness and stimulate growth.
  • Expanding Trade Opportunities for American Businesses as a surefire way to drive growth, because when U.S. businesses have access to new markets, they ramp up production and create jobs.
  • Immigration Reform that is balanced and sensible to help grow the economy and strengthening our nation’s finances and programs over the long term.

Main Street businesses are doing their part. It’s time for Washington to do its job.

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