The More We Learn About Tax Reform (and Feel Its Impacts), the More We Like It

Since November, the American Action Network (AAN) has been tracking what Americans think about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—the massive pro-growth tax reform law passed by Congress late last year. In 2018, AAN has also been conducting surveys to see what the impacts of the new law are in 60 districts across the nation.

It sure seems like the more that people know about and experience the law’s positive impacts, the more they like it (and the more politically supportive they are of those who promoted and passed it).

Last month, AAN released the latest of these tracking polls, noting correctly that when it comes to politics and the mid-term elections this November, the “single most important issue this year is whether middle-class families believe that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is lowering their taxes.”

In January, AAN’s tracking wasn’t very encouraging on this front. At that time, “more Americans thought the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would raise their taxes.” But between January and February, “Americans across the country have learned more about the tax cuts,” and there were “major changes” of opinion “even in states like New York and California, where the bill [previously] received the most negative coverage.”

These findings are “similar to recently released public polling,” which has also shown “swings in favor of the tax bill” across the nation, which “are directly responsible for the improved standing of the Republican party.”

It’s little wonder that middle-class families and others approve of our new pro-growth tax code. Already, hardworking people are seeing more money in their paychecks as their taxes go down (and, in many cases, from big bonuses from employers that are a direct result of tax reform). And they are benefitting from an economy growing at a robust clip, massive job creation, and meaningful wage growth.

Tax reform is working—not just for Wall Street and Big Business, but also for Main Street small businesses and working people. Cutting taxes and simplifying the tax code for both businesses and individuals was the right way to get the economy back to real, lasting growth.

After 30 years of competing and living with an onerous tax system weighing them down, all Americans are now facing a future with more confidence.