New Year, New Tax Code, New Benefits

It’s only been a few weeks since Congress passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, but businesses of all sizes have wasted no time to announce their plans to create jobs, raise wages, give out employee bonuses, and invest back into the economy.  Americans got their tax reform Christmas present, and it’s a present that keeps on giving and will for years to come – more jobs and real money back in their pockets.

Different companies from across the country, from Illinois-based American Community Bank & Trust and Indiana-based AndyMark, Inc., to major corporations such as Wells Fargo, Comcast, and Walmart, are responding to the benefits from tax cuts and showing their employees the money. For example the owner of Anfinson Farm Store, located in Cushing, Iowa, who promised $1,000 bonuses and 5% pay raises for employees, said,

“[Tax reform will boost] money that will be available for the business overall and I want to use it in the right places. […] For us, we have a small number of employees. I work every day shoulder to shoulder with everyone,” said Anfinson. “When you work every day with a group of people, you know them and their family and you appreciate everything they do. I value them and the interest they take in our customers. They are the most valuable asset in any business.”

These exciting announcements will only continue as we move along into 2018 and beyond. Lawmakers who voted to pass historic tax reform should be applauded for standing up for American workers and businesses who can finally receive the relief they long waited for!

To read about more businesses who have rewarded their employees due to the passage of the tax reform bill, Americans for Tax Reform has been compiling a continually changing list of the announcements.