State Quick Facts

  • Nickname: Cornhusker State
  • Capital: Lincoln
  • 2016 Population: 1,907,116
  • Gross State Product: $101.2 billion
  • Total Nonfarm Employment: 1,012,000
  • Governor: Pete Ricketts (R)
  • Senators: Deb Fischer (R), Ben Sasse (R)
  • Representatives: 3

Support For Local Business

Governor Pete Ricketts: “If we want families to move here, if we want small businesses to grow, we need to make Nebraska more competitive.”

(Governor Pete Ricketts, “Small businesses join Ricketts to urge cuts in top state income tax rate,” 1/31/2017)

Representative Don Bacon (R) “This country was founded by entrepreneurs – people willing to face the uncertainty and risks others found daunting.  We are the strongest nation on earth because this spirit of entrepreneurship has been a driving force throughout our history, leading us to discoveries which have added efficiency, comfort, and productivity to our lives.  Entrepreneurs are found in every setting.”

(Representative Don Bacon, “Small Business,” 6/9/2017)

Business Highlights

Nebraska’s 170,512 small businesses represent 99.1% of all employers in the state and employ 400,506 workers.

Women-owned businesses make up 51,900 of Nebraska small businesses.

Veteran-owned businesses make up 16,700 of Nebraska small businesses.

A total of 2,016 companies, which operate internationally, competing in global markets on a daily basis for inputs, capital, and customers, export from Nebraska .

Nebraska exports reached $6.4 billion in 2016, with products and services going to over 189 countries.

Five Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in the Cornhusker State.

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